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Illustrious former baseball little leaguers who went on to star in the big leagues include George Brett, Catfish Hunter, Jim Palmer, Nolan Ryan, Tom Seaver, Don Sutton and Carl Yastrzemski.

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• The LLWS final has been played only once without a U. • Little League is where the first batting helmet with ear coverings was implemented, along with aluminum bat, and the remote-controlled scoreboard.

All three innovations were eventually adopted by Major League Baseball.

Little League World Series - Encyclopedic facts & information from Wikipedia with historical details, famous controversies, noted participants, and a complete roster of winners, runners-up, and scores dating back to the first Little League World Series game in 1947.

Small Ball - A Little League Story - Archived PBS television special chronicling the story of American little leaguers, their coaches & parents, with a World Series timeline, photos, interactive games.

Controversies surrounding the Little League World Series usually center on players' ages, with the most famous case occurring in 2001, when star pitcher Danny Almonte was disqualified from play when he was found to be two years older than he claimed, touching off a national media frenzy.

Other related scandals also reflect the heated competition of little league baseball, as power players are sometimes brought in from hundreds of miles away to play for the "home" team.

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