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"Do" cards give you the opportunity to reveal and demonstrate your hidden talents, "tell" cards invite you to open up about what's going on in that noggin of yours, "risk" cards up the ante about challenging subjects, while "wild" cards shake things up.

My game is almost pristine condition, which tells me its owner didn’t play it much.

Not that you'd expect the '60s to be remotely progressive about jobs for us lil' ladies, but "What Shall I Be: The Exciting Game Of Career Girls" was a board game about the many career opportunities young girls could dream of: You know, model, actress, stewardess, secretary, nurse and teacher.

Game Play: Players roll the dice and move around the track, trying to prepare for a date along the way.

Game Board: The TV show logo takes center stage on a board with a groovy lavender, orange, and mustard color scheme.

You can see whilst you may want things to work out for both, this may not always end up being the case!

You and your partner will go through different ‘scenes’ together, which in turn make up the ‘chapters’ of your characters’ relationship.

In each scene, either both or one of you will need to make a decision.

Some are more sweet and lighthearted, like choosing what to whip up for breakfast in bed (awww).

When a player lands on a Question square, he or she takes a question card and reads it aloud.

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