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Otherwise the Insert Command, Update Command, and Delete Command properties retain their previous values.

If you call Dispose, the My Sql Command Builder is disassociated from the My Sql Data Adapter, and the generated commands are no longer used.

This means that a query that pulls columns from two identically named tables in two or more different databases will not cause an exception to be thrown but will not work correctly.

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The My Sql Command Builder also uses the Connection, Command Timeout, and Transaction properties referenced by the Select Command.

The user should call Refresh Schema if any of these properties are modified, or if the Select Command itself is replaced.

This method is not currently supported since stored procedures are not available in My Sql.

The My Sql Data Adapter does not automatically generate the SQL statements required to reconcile changes made to a Data Set with the associated instance of My SQL.

The following example uses the My Sql Command, along My Sql Data Adapter and My Sql Connection, to select rows from a data source.

The example is passed an initialized Data Set, a connection string, a query string that is a SQL SELECT statement, and a string that is the name of the database table.

A database object can be either a table, a view, a custom view or a report.

Grid View displays the values of a data source in a table where each column represents a field and each row represents a record.

Click on any table to go to the Field Setup Page and then select the Code tab (which contains Server Events, Client Scripts and Custom Templates).

Note: For simplicity, we use "table" in the following description to refer to any of database object in the project.

I have gone far enough to figure out the problem is caused by the Checkbox field.

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