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Warn them of the killing in this world and the fire in the Hereafter.

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And who is better in judgment than God for the people certain in faith? We have fought them because God has ordered us to fight them.

The Almighty has said: "Oh you who believe, fight those who come at you from among the kuffar [disbelievers] and they will find strength in you. We have fought them as a remedy for the chests of the believers and to remove the wrath of their hearts. God will torment them at your hands, degrade them, give you victory over them, and heal the hearts of the believing people"- Qur'an .

Fursan al-Balagh: jihadi media outlet disseminating the speech "Indeed those who have reverted to disbelief after guidance had been made clear to them, Satan has enticed them and prolonged hope for them.

That is because they have said to those who detested what God revealed: We will obey you in some of the matter. [...] To the families of the soldiers in particular, and to the Muslims of Egypt in general: I see you wondering/asking: Why do we kill your sons conscripted into the Egyptian army?

And the Exalted has said: "And when they argue in the fire, the weak will say to those who have been arrogant: 'We were only your followers. ' Those who have been arrogant will say: 'We are all in it.

Indeed God has judged among His servants.'- Qur'an -8." We have killed them because they have destroyed and burned mosques.

Patients with NSCLC receiving targeted therapy have quite a low exercise capacity, even with a relatively high Qo L.

Exercise training appears to improve exercise capacity and alleviate some cancer-related symptoms.

So we say to the families of the soldiers: Come to Sinai to see with your own eyes what your sons have done, and hear from the families of Sinai and not from the lying, immoral media.

And the families of Sinai will defend their honour and their wealth.

God does not guide the people of oppression"- Qur'an .

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