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I repressed it as hard as I could and refused to even admit it was there.

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Let me tell you, there’s nothing like the aftermath of a break-up to send your workout into Every breakup I’ve had usually results in my losing ten pounds in three weeks because I start hitting the gym like it owes me money.

All of that anger and rage turns into energy, and I can’t sit still, so I end up running five miles before lifting weights with a fury that you don’t normally see outside of 80’s training montages.

This can be a hard one, especially when you’re dealing with the fact that yeah, you’re pretty damn angry at your ex for dumping you.

But holding onto that pain and that anger doesn’t do you any good either.

You’ve just been hurt deeply by someone you care about!

Even when ultimately it’s nobody’s fault and nobody has been wronged, break ups hurt and we get angry at the people who hurt us. Here’s the seeming paradox of letting yourself feel all the feels – you have to be willing to let them go too.They want acknowledgment from their ex that the dumpee had been wronged, that their ex was an uncaring bitch, a vampire, a whore and deserves to suffer from every STD known to man.They want their ex to hurt just as much as they do – if not and now you just look like an impotent idiot.Neither does blaming your ex – or yourself, for that matter.Getting angry at being dumped can make you like – but holding onto it, nursing it or directing it at others doesn’t help anything. I see this a lot in people who feel that they’ve been wronged – that their significant other had somehow done them dirty.There’s a part of you that, irrationally, hopes that if you can just make the pain go away, then the triggering event will have never occurred and you’ll magically go back to being the person you were that morning/yesterday/last week/whatever. All that numbing yourself is doing is ensuring that you’re going to tear the bandage off painful in the long-run. Another common mistake is to try to repress that come with a breakup in a mistaken desire to “be a grown-up” or “be mature” about it.

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