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Pepper’s Lonely Hearts Club Band (50th Anniversary Edition, 2017 Stereo Mix by Giles Martin), 1967 / 2017, DSD 128 (tracks)6.66 GB(Rock) [4LP] [1/5,64] David Gilmour ‎– Live At Pompeii - 2017, DSD 128 (tracks)11.81 GB(Rock, Heavy Metal) [LP] [1/5,64 MHz] Judas Priest - Defenders Of The Faith - 1984, DSD 128 (tracks)3.08 GB(Rock, Blues Rock, Hard Rock) [LP] [1/5,64 MHz] ZZ Top - Eliminator - 1983, DSD 128 (tracks)3.58 GB(Rock) [LP] [1/ 5,6] David Bowie - The Best Of Bowie - 1981, DSD (tracks)4.62 GB(rock) [7LP] [DSD, 5.6M/1b] The Doors - Vinyl Box - 2008, DSD128, image .cue22.03 GB(Rock, Blues) [2LP] [1/5,64] Eagles ‎– Hell Freezes Over - 1994 / 1998, DSD 128 (tracks)5.89 GB(Pop, Electronic, Jazz, Rock) [2LP] [1/5,64] Serge Gainsbourg – Initials SG - 2002, DSD 128 (tracks)5.55 GB(Rock) [LP] [1/5,6 Mhz] PINK FLOYD - Wish You Were Here (UK 1-st) - 1975, DSD 128 (tracks) DFF3.5 GB(Industrial, Hard Rock, Heavy Metal) [LP] [1/5,6 MHz] Rammstein - Mutter - 2015, DSD 128 (tracks)3.56 GB(Rock, Heavy Metal) [LP] [1/5,64 MHz] Manowar - Battle Hymns - 1982, DSD 128 (tracks)2.85 GB(Rock) [2x LP] [1/5,6 Mhz] The Beatles - The Beatles (White Album) - 1968, DSD 128 (tracks)7.37 GBQueen - Greatest Hits II (1991) /2013 SHM-SACD/ [DSD 2.0 1bit/2822,4k Hz |SACD-R]3.23 GB(Hard Rock) [4LP] [1/5,64] Black Sabbath ‎– The Best Of Black Sabbath - Limited Edition - 2000, DSD 128 (tracks)12.8 GB[DSD][OF] Sonic Rade - Sideways - 2016 (Rock / Pop)7.6 GB(Rock, Folk, World, & Country, Folk Rock, Cla) [LP] [1/5,64 MHz] Simon & Garfunkel - The Concert In Central Park - 1982, DSD 128 (image .cue)6.22 GB(Soul, R&B, funk, jazz fusion, rock) Earth Wind & Fire - 15 Albums Japan Mini LP Blu-spec CD ● DSD Mastering - 2012, FLAC (image .cue), lossless8.26 GB(Prog Rock) [LP] [1/5,64 MHz] Roger Waters - Is This The Life We Really Want? [Limited SACD] (2016) FLAC | 24-bit786.24 MB(Jazz Classik Demo CD) Marantz Hi-End Audiophile Test Demo Sacd - By Kazimir Corporation [] - 2005 [FLAC (tracks), Lossless]324.5 MBPink Floyd - Wish You Were Here (2011 Mix) 24bit SACD FLAC Beola924.08 MBTHE POLICE Synchronicity.

Plus Jonathan confesses to a lifelong struggle with remembering how we name centuries. Dr Rebecca Simon outlines the history in the Atlantic, from Captain Kidd to Blackbeard. Who were the Adele or Beyonces of the scene and was the golden age of piracy 420 friendly? Jonathan sits down with his mom, Mary Winters, to talk about the way media is changing, childhood costumes, and things you learn on podcasts. a TV show, cultural appropriation, and the Miss Universe pageant. They talk about Wanyi's path to design, what 1990s TV drama is inspiring today's fashion, and the real problem with Millennials. Jonathan sits down with Policy Consultant Greg Srolestar in a Getting Curious election special!

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Dr Evans is Director of the Brain Research Institute at UCLA and of the Hatos Centre for...

Dr Teresa Wlasiuk, joins Jonathan to share her expertise in acupuncture and Chinese medicine and outline ways it can help us over the stressful holiday season.

Helen Zaltzman hosts The Allusionist podcast and joins Jonathan to talk about the current and historical differences between the two forms of English. 18 years later and that “egg” contacted her out of the blue.

It doesn’t take long for the conversation to spiral out to also cover accents, manners and how... Amy and Gaba met, and discovered that Gaba is currently a singer in the So Cal Vocal’s - the...

Jonathan sits down with model Denise Bidot to talk about the modeling industry, New York Fashion Week, and how to truly embrace your body, curves and all.

Plus, Denise tells us how to deal with haters on the internet. Jonathan sits down with therapist and author Stan Tatkin to talk about how we can create meaningful and fulfilling relationships with other human beings.Jessica Rae Huber is a film and television composer who has written music for projects such as The Walking Dead, Marvel's Agents of S. Lisa Boutin Vitela is Assistant Professor of Art History at Cerritos College.In Jonathan’s words, she’s “most professory about the gorgeous renaissance” so comes by to talk about the Ninja Turtle artists - Raphael, Donatello, Michelangelo and..Plus, Jonathan finds out about the Bernie Sanders of Uruguay. In this special super-sized episode of Getting Curious, Jonathan is joined by Editorial Manager Andrei Berman and Deputy Press Secretary Taylor Maxwell of Everytown for Gun Safety to talk about the second amendment, what exactly the NRA is, and what...Jonathan sits down with Guardian columnist and author Mary O'Hara to discuss what Brexit is, how it affects British people all around the EU, and why the far right seems to be getting more popular.Plus, why he left the studios before Mariah Carey’s infamous 2001 TRL meltdown, and why the gay media’s love of a topless selfie can... Veteran, actor and veterans rights activist, Linsay Rousseau Burnett joins Jonathan to share her experiences in the military and consider how #Me Too can be applied to the armed forces.

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