Ariel lin and joe cheng dating

Class He in the side cooking series Wearing Contract.

TV sign lin and lot he dating taking Love Ariel lin and mike he dating and had a gristly but catchy.

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But more importantly, we as fans have seen that Ariel and Joe, in real life, have also found fate and fortune with each other.

Xiao Zong and Yi Chen have repeatedly been voted by fans as best on-screen couple.

Anyway, millet wishes Joseph Cheng may soon find itself "Yuan Xiangqin"!

), Ar Joe surprised us with new chemistry in Love or Bread.

Although is stupid sweet white plot, but Ariel interpretation of the "Yuan Xiang Qin" but let millet feel very lovely, Zheng Yuanchang also since playing "Jiang Naoki", then, was posted on the label for many years, even if it is at the moment a mention Zheng Yuanchang Ariel, master of the first to reflect the still River Naoki and Yuan Xiang Qin.

Yesterday the two idol drama will fit kaishanzushi presented in the Michelle Chen's wedding!Now, they even individually released a book with the same publishing house!Personally, both have matured immensely, each pointing to hard work, financial stability and love.Michelle Chen Chen Xiao yesterday in Beijing wedding, as is the idol of luxury momentum!Millet Green years male gods goddesses, all present at the wedding.FATE has proven time and again that the Ar Joe ship is truly UNSINKABLE. Join us as we continue to celebrate Ariel and Joe, and their journey of love and friend SHIP.

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