Aquarius woman dating a scorpio man

He could become resentful with her blasé attitude that if things work out, then that’s great. Especially when she tries to reason with him to try and help him.However, he refrains from breaking down what he is feeling.Her flirty personality and his mystery make for a good combination of unfamiliar territory for both of them.

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Passion does not define this Scorpio man Aquarius woman love.

The Aquarius woman views sex as a logical activity to pass the time. The challenge would be whether she is ever able to get to the point where she is comfortable enough to trust and open up to him.

She will be left puzzled and he will continue regardless.

He will try and help her to trust her intuition, she is very rational and will not be able to grasp where he is coming from.

If they decide to venture down the path and start a relationship, it might struggle from day one to get going.

The intense Scorpio man likes to know that his partner is there for life, he is looking for a soul mate.

Her detached manner is something that the Scorpio man has never come across before.

His intense feelings are something that she is foreign to.

With an air of superiority, they shrewdly contemplate their next powerful move.

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