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The terms anonymity and privacy are sometimes interrelated, but they are not necessarily equal; each term has a distinct definition.

Individuals apply the definition of either term subjectively, according to their various life experiences.

Keeping Your Personal Information Private Interacting with People Offline Being Aware of Predators Ceasing Communication and Reporting Threats Community Q&A Chatrooms are a fun place to engage in discussion about a variety of topics.

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SEXUAL HEALTH, STI's & HIVNHS - Sexual Health Line advice (anonymous if required) about sexual health, including information about local centre for Sexually Transmitted Infections.

Helpline: 03 (Monday – Friday 9am - 8pm)GUM Clinics Northern Ireland Emergency Contraception – Morning After Pill. information on emergency contraception ( morning after pill) and where to get it.

Got A Teenager Got a Teenager offer support advice to anyone parenting a teenager.

Parentline: 0808 800 22 22 (lines open Monday - Friday 9am -9pm, Weekends 10am-3pm) HIV/AIDSTHT Direct provide a range of services including support advice for anyone in England, Scotland and Wales.

Nonetheless, we can make at least one distinction between the terms.

Privacy refers to those who make their identities known while keeping some of their actions and information secret.

Through SAFEline, we can: SAFEline crisis intervention specialists are trained to handle calls from survivors, families, and allies who need support with situations of sexual abuse, domestic violence, child abuse, and human trafficking.

If you are in a safe space to make a phone call, the free, confidential SAFEline can be reached at 512.267.

There's something incredibly freeing about casting away your doubts and cares when you feel like you can say whatever you want, without worrying about repercussions.

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