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Church attendance went back to normal, and polls began to indicate that people were no more likely to pray, read the Bible or attend worship services than before.

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Atheists, "seekers," lapsed Catholics, secular Jews and seemingly everyone else poured into churches and synagogues.

Evangelist Franklin Graham predicted that Americans were committing themselves to God in an "enduring" way and Pat Robertson predicted "one of the greatest spiritual revivals in the history of America." Then the flood of new worshipers receded.

Half a year after their first date in New Orleans, Joe got down on one knee in Hawaii and popped the question — although he had to go with his backup plan when it came to the location of the proposal.

"I had to do it indoors because the island was infested with paparazzi," he explained.

9/11 Starkly Revealed the Limits of Organized Religion The place to start is with what didn't happen.

The fact that people initially went to houses of worship -- and then stopped -- should be viewed as a huge story, not a non-event.

Simple: every single person in attendance had to sign a confidentiality agreement.

Whatever the first words that come to mind when you look at Joe Manganiello, we're guessing they're not "art collector." (Actually, we're guessing they're not words at all; more like a series grunts followed by several minutes of open-mouthed panting.) But as it turns out, the actor is quite the art aficionado — and when it came to decking the walls at his and Sofia's shared home, he was happy to take the lead.

But both those who predicted a religious renaissance and those arguing that 9/11 was a spiritual non-event are missing some of the dramatic effects 9/11 had on the spiritual landscape.

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