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In a near mirror image, 46% of consistent liberals would choose to live in a city, and 21% would choose the suburbs; far fewer would pick a rural area (11%) or a small town (20%).The preferences of less ideological Americans are more varied.

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As Republicans and Democrats are growing further apart, increasingly polarized along ideological lines and with greater antipathy toward the opposing party, divides in the political sphere also permeate the everyday lives of Americans.

Consistent conservatives and liberals do share one habit that distinguishes them from other Americans: They spend a lot of time talking about politics and government.

Substantial majorities across all ideological groups place importance on living near extended family, though consistent liberals are a bit less likely than others to say this.

Likewise, large majorities say “high-quality public schools” are important to decisions about where to live.

Reflecting their stage of life, people age 55 and older are less likely than younger people to value good schools.

To control for this lifecycle difference (and because older Americans tend to be more conservative ideologically), the analysis here is based only on those under 55.This is a topic covered extensively by Craig Gilbert of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, in a four-part series entitled “Dividing Lines.” Despite their differing community preferences, liberals and conservatives generally share a desire to be close to family, good schools and the outdoors.However, when it comes to the ethnic, religious or political makeup of a community, there are clear ideological divides.Liberals and conservatives are divided over more than just politics.Those on the opposite ends of the ideological spectrum disagree about everything from the type of community in which they prefer to live to the type of people they would welcome into their families.There are similarly deep ideological divides in the importance placed on racial and ethnic diversity and living near those who share one’s religious faith.

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