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He seems to be an introvert who keeps to himself, but it's later discovered that there is a reason for that.His father and his grandfather were blacksmiths as well. Ian is a wolf soldier from a distant kingdom who likes to paint.Catharsis is a purification or purging of the emotions (such as pity and fear) primarily through art — a factor first identified by Aristotle; it can bring about spiritual renewal, and it provides a release from tension.

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In other words, if you punch a pillow to deal with stress, you are more likely to hit something at an inopportune time when stressed. Not to be confused with In-Universe Catharsis, though overlap is certainly possible.

Kingdom Days Sim Date is a dating simulation game made by Pacthesis . This game as a darker, edgier feel than previous sim dates.

A war breaks out between several kingdoms and it becomes unsafe for Rose to continue living in the castle when it gets attacked by Cesathis soldiers.

She escapes with Lewis to Hepcatsis Kingdom where they meet King Joseph.

He is brave and loyal and believes in following his heart, even if it may cause conflict.

He claims to have some unfinished business in the kingdom of Hepcatsis.

He has a secret that he admits to the player after they start dating.

He can be found in "The Windmill," some of his paintings laid against a wall behind him.

God only forgives when a fragile angel heals his heart." This is a hint explaining how to free him. While talking to him, the player learns that he is relatively isolated. The Pacthesis Games profile describes him as: "The quiet and cold king of Hepcatsis. His mother died in childbirth and his father abandoned the kingdom.

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