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This function varies from browser to browser (and from device to device), but is usually pretty straightforward.You can also set a 'homepage' which loads every time you open your browser program.

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Your chosen homepage could be the main page of a search engine, the BBC's homepage, or anything you want.

You can change your homepage by going to your browser preferences and changing the address in the relevant box.

If you want to go back to a previous page, you can click or tap on the back icon.

Similarly, you can use the forward icon to go forwards.

This address takes you to the BBC's 'homepage'.

A homepage - which is a bit like the front page of a newspaper - is an entry point for a website and has links to lots of other web pages on the same site.

This can be useful if, for example, you have children and want them to browse safely.

Many internet service providers (ISPs) have free parental control software which you can activate at any time.

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If you want to view web pages on different websites, you will need to use a program called a 'browser'. Browsers are all slightly different, but they all allow you to 'surf' the internet and access different websites.

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