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According to BANA, The Balneology Association of North America, “Hydrating with Sulfur rich mineral waters has been used medicinally since ancient times.

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The water percolates through fractures in the bedrock formation into the Leadville aquifer. While we utilize a million dollar, state-of-the-art ozone purification system, we are still required by State Health Department regulations to maintain chlorine residual in our pools. Because our water is so hot as it rises from underground (122° F / 51° C), we must add fresh water for cooling purposes. A: Yes, but we close for routine maintenance on specific dates 5 times throughout the year. Q: If we leave the pool during the day, can we return later? You may also call the Business Office directly at (970) 947-2954. We are open to the public daily, except when the pool is under maintenance.

As this occurs, the water is heated by the geothermal gradient in the area. Our water is monitored 24 hours a day to ensure the utmost in purity for our guests. A: Our pool is filtered and purified 24 hours a day and both pools receive a complete changeover every six hours. There is a small postage fee to return items by mail. No pets, including emotional support animals are allowed at the pool. Earlier check-in and later check-out times may be available but must be requested directly with the Lodge. Please check out hours of operation - and our daily rates

Additionally, complimentary shuttle service to the pool is available on our Hot Springs Hopper from Lot A.

To produce x-radiation, relatively large amounts of electrical energy must be transferred to the x-ray tube.

For three-phase, six-pulse equipment, the heat in heat units is given by In order to evaluate the problem of x-ray tube heating, it is necessary to understand the relationship of three physical quantities: (1) heat, (2) temperature, and (3) heat capacity.

Heat is a form of energy and can be expressed in any energy units.

Since only a small fraction of the electronic energy is converted in x-radiation, it can be ignored in heat calculations.

We will assume all of the electron energy is converted into heat.

Although the joule is the basic unit for energy and heat, it is not always used to express x-ray tube heat. In the earlier days of radiology, when most equipment was single-phase, it was desirable to calculate heat quantities without having to use a waveform factor.

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