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If they claim to have no access to a webcam (unusual these days), your intuition might tell you something.Many victims report that the person said all the right things, they tapped into their deepest needs and said only positive things.

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The first step in protecting your online privacy is creating a safe password - i.e.

one that a computer program or persistent individual won't easily be able to guess in a short period of time.

Search their photos using Google Search By Image – if you find the same images on lots of different sites linked to different names or if the images turn up on a stock photo site or modelling site, you might want to think twice. If they claim to be a brain surgeon and part time pilot, who enjoys running monthly marathons and volunteering to save the children in Africa, your alarm bells might start ringing. Early in your interaction, ask them to send you a photo and if they refuse, you might become suspicious.

Having a web chat is a great way to explore the level of chemistry between you.

Anyone can fall victim to an internet scam, not just the naive or socially inexperienced.

Falling for a Catfish has nothing to do with intelligence or rational thinking – it’s all about HOPE.

If their other social media profiles appeared online around the same date as their dating profile, this could be an indicator of deception.

If their Facebook profile has less than 100 friends or no people are tagged in their photos, this is also an indicator of a fake profile.

The Angolan subsidiary expanded its activity in B&I by winning new contracts, continuing to apply action plans to reduce costs.

This has enabled Newrest Angola to win 6 major contracts with Castel Group and Sodiba in the drinks industry and signed a new contract with Nestlé and Barloworld.

To help you choose a secure password, we've created a feature that lets you know visually how safe your password is as soon as you create it.

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