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vote now for my book cover rapunzel

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Conor Maynard and Anth Better Now Post Malone Cover (2018) 3:48
Troye Sivan Better Now (Post Malone cover) (Recorded At Spotify Studios NYC) 3:47
KONGOS (Annett Makarova & Victoria Kharitonova COVER) Come With Me Now 3:32
Emily Blunt, Lin-Manuel Miranda, Company - Mary Poppins Returns A Cover Is Not the Book 4:25
Sabaton In The Army Now (Status Quo Cover) 3:58
DJ Snake, Justin Bieber, Alan Walker Where are you now, Let Me Love You, Faded (cover by J.Fla) 2:25
SICKxSIDE Look At Me Now (Brennan Savage Cover на русском) 2:30
Chelsea Grin Right Now (Korn Cover) 3:09
NateWantsToBattle Better Now (Cover) 3:33
Ease of Disgust Right now (Korn cover) 3:02
Hunt The Dinosaur Look At Me Now (Chris Brown Cover) 4:30
Vee x ian360 Over Now (Post Malone Cover) 4:08
Trouble Maker Now (cover) 2:29
This Withered Heart Book & Cover 3:51
Trouble Maker Now (cover) 3:39
Trouble Maker Now (cover) 3:40
Darya Zakharo Don't Stop Me Now (Queen cover) 3:16
am1r Right Now (na na na) (am1r cover) 2:45
Don't Stop Me Now Tina Turner Soul Style Queen Cover ft. Melinda Doolittle 4:31
Alex Pictures Dont stop me now(Queen cover) 3:26
Eric Clapton You Can't Judge a Book by It's Cover 2:51
Queen - Peter Bence Don't Stop Me Now - Piano Cover 4:06
The Blanks Better Now Cover (Post Malone) 2:56
John Legend - Madilyn Bailey, Blake Rose, KHS Cover LOVE ME NOW 3:49
Asking Alexandria Right Now (Na Na Na) (Akon Cover) 2:43
Landon Austin and Kaya May What Do You Mean / Where Are Now (Justin Bieber Acoustic Mashup cover) 3:35
Jack Where Are Now (Ember Island Cover) (Papermind Remix) 5:01
Candice Night Now and Then (Blackmore's Night Cover - version 2011) 5:11
Think Floyd Here Now 6:02
At Eternity's End You're Now Tuning in to 66.6 FM ( UICIDEBOY Cover) 2:33
Suzanne Vega Book & a Cover 3:49
Megan Nicole Better now (cover) 3:33
Beletskiy Andrey Not Now (Cover) 3:41
League Of Lights Cover Me Now 3:43
Disney Jungle Book (Cover) 3:38
Taylor Swift Speak Now (Cover) 4:29
Zhanna Dawson What now(cover) 3:09
Stevie Wonder You Can't Judge a Book by Its Cover 2:33
Trouble Maker Now (K-POP STAR 3 cover) 2:29
Fiona Apple Why Try To Change Me Now (Cy Coleman Cover) 2:45
So Below SGL (Now, Now Cover) 4:17
Skrillex and Diplo with Justin Bieber ( cover from SaL mor ) Where Are Now 4:08
Прогульщики HSE Военка (cover Status Quo You're in the Army Now) 4:42
Gavin Mikhail Somebody That I Used To Know (Now You're Just) (Gotye feat. Kimbra Cover) 3:41
Foxes Don't Stop Me Now (Queen Cover BBC iamfoxes YouTube) 3:22
Hurt Me Right Now (Korn cover) 1:07
Ануар Сарыбаев, Дара Аймагамбетов,Ержан Алдибек Book of love (cover) 2:36
alice kristiansen where are now (cover) 1:59
Adam Massacre Time is Now Cover 1:50
Emily Warren & Scott Harris Where Are Now (COVER) 2:51
Three Days Grace Life Starts Now (Cover) 3:01
Post Malone Better Now (RoadTrip cover) 2:55
TPWP Right Now(KoRn cover) 3:07
8FEET Right Now (Cover Korn) 3:11
When on Fire Book from Its Cover 3:40
When on Fire Book from Its Cover 3:40
Korn Right Now (Bass Cover) 3:11
Adarvirog feat. Yann Zhanchak Right Now (Korn Cover) 3:12
Korn Right Now (Instrumental cover) 3:08
The Taos Hum Right Now( Korn Cover) 3:09
Zedd ft. Elley Duh HAPPY NOW Galagurskiy Cover 3:35
Mykal Kilgore Where Are Now (Cover) 3:42
Lera Aminova Need you now(cover) 3:56
John Legend Love Me Now (cover) 3:35
DEATHHARMONIC Right Now (Korn cover) 3:38
Дарья Крысанова Now (Trouble Maker cover) 3:39
Anna Need You Now(cover) 3:55
BASSTEAM Пацанская музыка. NOW (William Shakespear cover) 3:55
Stomach Book (english cover) 3:56
Florence The Machine Where Are Now (cover) 4:24
Sailyk What Now (Rihanna Cover) 4:04
Aslapov Max What about now (cover) 4:12
Charlie Puth & Emily Luther Need You Now (cover) 4:28
Agnes Strange Book With No Cover 5:56
Christian Davies, Stand Tall Fists Up Vote Now (Original Mix) 6:02
Brad Kavanagh Where Are Now cover 1:47
Sofia Carlberg Where Are Now COVER 3:15
Гена Шелепов и Алена Киприянова Try (Asher Book Cover) 3:25
Ged & Morella Now & Forever (Xandria cover) 3:43
Seven Story Fall Right Now (Akon COVER) 4:00
Happiness Not Now (Blink182 cover) 3:49
Jason Ray Now (Trouble Maker Cover) 2:48
Aloma Steele x Trevor Hoffmann Beautiful Now (Zedd cover) 2:53
Septic Anthem Right Now (KoRn Cover) 3:05
Korn Right Now (Piano cover) 3:23
Alycia Marie & Funda Demirezen Whos laughing now COVER 3:54
Michelle Montezeri What Now (Rihanna cover) 4:00
Fanki Warcraft cover (vote cache) 1:08
I Sea Monsters Right Now (Akon Cover) 4:29
David Bryan Now your gone cover 2:35
Tokio Hotel Forever Now (piano cover) 3:07
Tokio Hotel Forever Now Instrumental Cover 3:35
Tokio Hotel Forever Now (AlienTHeam Cover) 3:37
Kamilla Kraus Beautiful now (Zedd Cover) 3:48
Roza Rakyzhan & Algys Need you now(cover) 4:03
Princess Velasco Akon- Right Now (cover) 4:20
De Lux Someday Now (Superhumanoids Cover) 4:47
John Legend Love Me Now (cover) 3:07

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